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Vaccines candidates :

Facial Masking : Potential “Variolation” ?

Dr. Gilbert DERAY :

Mask Types :

Vaccine / Temperature : 

The vaccine must be stored at minus-112 degrees Fahrenheit (minus-80 degrees Celsius).

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The vaccine must be stored at minus-112 degrees Fahrenheit 

(minus-80 degrees Celsius).

The vaccine must be stored at minus-112 degrees Fahrenheit (minus-80 degrees Celsius).

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France / Paris

World / Vaccine

Russia / Gamaleya / Vaccine / "Sputnik V"

COVID-19 / Worldwide : 20M+ Cases 775K+ Deaths

COVID-19 Vaccine :
Pfizer and BioNTech Announce Early Positive Data from an Ongoing Phase 1/2 study of mRNA-based Vaccine Candidate Against SARS-CoV-2
mRNA seems to be the shortest path to vaccine.

Pandemic is accelerating : 
10M cases
0.5M deaths
Brazil : 60K deaths and counting
India is booming

World / India & South America

The pandemic is accelerating.

+ 150 000 new cases / day (the most in a single day so far).

The world is in a new and dangerous phase.

Many people are understandably fed up with being at home.
Countries are understandably eager to open up their societies and economies.

But the virus is still spreading fast, it’s still deadly, and most people are still susceptible.

We call on all countries and all people to exercise extreme vigilance.

Continue maintaining your distance from others.
Stay home if you feel sick.
Keep covering your nose and mouth when you cough.
Wear a mask when appropriate.
Keep cleaning your hands.

We continue to call on all countries to focus on the basics:
find, isolate, test and care for every case.
Trace and quarantine every contact.

As the pandemic gathers pace, it’s the most vulnerable who will suffer the most.

All countries rich and poor have populations who are vulnerable to a higher risk of severe disease and death.

Today good news :
It is also Father's Day
and the international Music Festival Day ...

US / New York :
More deaths in New York than in France !
Bugs in France Maps
Correct Data are here : 

Countries with NO Lock Down :
+ Sweden :
No lockdown here. Swedish high school students—with characteristic caps—celebrate their graduation at a restaurant in Stockholm, Sweden
+ Netherlands :
+ Switzerland :
+ Japan :
+ South Korea :
G20 Deaths / 1M population
G20 Ranked per GDP :
> x100 differences !
United States : 252
China : 3
Japan : 5
Germany : 93
India : 2
United Kingdom : 482
France : 414
Italy : 511
Brazil : 59
Canada : 137
South Korea : 5
Russia : 15
Australia : 4
Mexico : 30
Indonesia : 4
Saudi Arabia : 8
Turkey : 46
Argentina : 7
South Africa : 3

Worldwide / Folding@Home
1st ExaFLOP, more than 10 times the performance of the fastest HPC &
faster than the top 500 supercomputers combined.
The exaFLOP barrier was first broken in March of 2020 by the Folding@home project, used to fold proteins for medical research.[4][5]
Further use grew from increased awareness and participation in the project from the coronavirus pandemic in 2020.
On March 20, 2020 Folding@home announced via Twitter that it was running with over 470 native petaFLOPS[138], the equivalent of 958 x86 petaFLOPS.[139]
By March 25 it reached 768 petaFLOPS, or 1.5 x86 exaFLOPS, making it the first exaFLOP computing system.[140]
Apr 28 : 2,621,965 x86 TFLOPS = 2.6 ExaFLOPS
Rank System Cores Rmax (TFlop/s) Rpeak (TFlop/s) Power (kW)
1 Summit - IBM Power System AC922, IBM POWER9 22C 3.07GHz, NVIDIA Volta GV100, Dual-rail Mellanox EDR Infiniband , IBM
DOE/SC/Oak Ridge National Laboratory
United States
2,414,592 148,600.0 200,794.9 10,096
Mar 25 : 1,554,728 TFLOPS
Epita :
epita-cri :
France / Sanofi (EURONEXT: SAN) (NASDAQ: SNY)
Tests : 
Sanofi and Luminostics to join forces on developing breakthrough COVID-19 smartphone-based self-testing solution
Vaccines :

FRANCE / Open Source ICU Ventilator
Medical contacts :
On the MotherBoard
Porteurs principaux du projet : Makers For Life, CHU de Nantes, Université de Nantes et CEA
Collectivités, Administrations et Associations : Région Auvergne Rhône-Alpes, Région Pays de Loire, Nantes Métropole, DGE, AID, SFMC
Partenaires industriels : Tronico, Parrot, STMicroelectronics, Diabeloop, Maatel, Groupe Renault, Michelin, Legrand, Groupe SEB, Elpack Pharel
Partenaires académiques et hospitaliers : CHRU Brest, CHU de Grenoble L’école du design, IUT Nantes, Centrale Nantes, Clinatec, Polytech Nantes, Laboratoire LS2N
Partenaires plasturgies : Innovation Plasturgie Composites, Georges Pernoud, Zedes, Seco Industries, Fédération de la Plasturgie et des Composites, DPH International, Moules Soufflage Injection
Partenaires entreprises : Clever Cloud, Crisp, RTSys, Jabby Technologies, SenX, QBMaker, MD101 Consulting, Sleepinnov, Le Palace, Dici Design Renault Sport, Cooprint,  Pierre Pezet, Iliad, Altran, Oxygen Ouest, Le Palace, ASI, Semtech, Farnell, Association Ping, Extia, Aptatio, Safran, HP, Algolinked, Asten Santé, WeData, LVL Medical, Vitalaire
Hommes et Femmes clés : Julien Tanguy, Morgane Soulard, Volodia Lepron, Pierre Papin, Clément Niclot, Cherine Kamel, Quentin Adam, Sandra Roze, Valérian Saliou, Edyta Bourgeais, Vincent Le Cunff, Marc Julien, Gabriel Moneyron, Gautier de Saint Martin Lacaze, David Sferruzza, Emmanuel Feller, Grégory Thibord, Erik Huneker, Cyril Michaud, Baptiste Jamin,Pierre-Antoine Gourraud, Stéphane Bernier, Arthur Dagard, Quentin Bouquin, Maud Plombas, Eliott Vincent.

FRANCE / Makers against COVID-19
At 3:40 : R&D Projects with
ICU Ventilator (MUR) &
Syringe Pump (Electrolab)
A good résumé by Mr. Bidouille of the different actions of the Makers in France (in French)

Bluetooth BLE
Apple and Google partner on COVID-19 contact tracing technology
US / Impact on Economy :
Up to one-third of US jobs may be vulnerable
and more than 80 percent are held by low-income workers.
Up to more than 50M jobs lost ?

FRANCE / Virus Propagation
First Case Enigma
"Patient Zero" Enigma

+ Open Source Syringe Pump Project :

+ Open Source ICU Ventilator Project :
Ranked #3 WW

+ Protections :

+ Folding@Home

+ Education :

Other IONIS Group initiatives :
Sup'BioTech :

3D Print / Masks

Open Source / ICU Ventilator / Ranking
cpap respirator block diagram
Recently Medtronic open-sourced one of their ventilators for the duration of the pandemic. However, it may not actually be usable for the most ill COVD-19 patients and does not meet the UK standard
Puritan Bennett(TM) 560 (PB560)
"En France, Puritan Bennett avait pris le contrôle il y a trois ans d'une société spécialisée dans les appareils d'assistance respiratoire à domicile, Sefam."
"Créée en 1982 par Pierrick Haan à la sortie de son école d'ingénieurs"
Sefam, Nancy, France
TELECOM ParisTech 1980 (Sortie)
Board is based on ST10F278 (obsolete, replaced by STM32) from ST Microelectronics
Produced by Jabil
Source Code is in C.
Comments are in French.